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Facebook feeds in the style of Fallout characters. Submissions always open.

Anonymous asked: You should seriously have one with Chief Harkness and Butch a la Trouble. I see in a lot of these Harkness is always liking someone's status, and well, you can never have too much Butch. :D Don't stop this, baby.

Apologies to everyone for the long absence but it’s going to be a permanent thing. Ever since the computer broke a lot more happened ie graduating, moving out and getting a job. Since I have moved out I no longer have access to photoshop so it’s virtually impossible to return.

There is some irony in this ask considering a reason I’ve been quiet is because my fallout muse for humour moved onto a the security-chief-harkness rp blog, not associated with Trouble although I’m a big fan of Rusty (who isn’t?), which I have been having a lot of fun doing and involving myself in that part of the fallout fandom. (They’re so great if you’ve ever thought about joining in, just do it.)

That being said thanks for all the new follows but this blog is officially dead. I won’t delete it though so it can be reread etc.

Anonymous asked: You, my friend, are amazing. I read this entire blog today, and loved every word of it. I can honestly say I haven't laughed that hard in quite a while. It needs more Boomer love, though! Them, or Reilly's Rangers.

Thank you very much and I’m glad it made you laugh.

renovaexler asked: I miss you posts. A lot :'(


dem-life-struggles asked: Hey there, love the blog. No, seriously. THIS IS GENIUS! Anyway you haven't updated in a while and I'm wondering if something is up with the computer again.

Thank you so much! A post following the deceased matter of this blog is about to follow.

Tweet Dog

So what do we think of Eric Dellums tweet ? It’s too late to be a Fallout 3 add on so I’m thinking Fallout 4 xD

As if other fandoms we are all part of don’t taunt us enough, our feels have to put up with this too.

ohsluttershy asked: I somehow missed your newest posts. I'm so excited right now! :D Welcome back to the Tumblrverse!

Thanks !! Will have more feeds up soon :D

baby-its-told-outside-deactivat asked: Affg Can I just say that I love you and your blog and you are flawless and perfect okaythanksbye

Eeeeeppp !!! Thank you so much !!! XD

Anonymous asked: Aw man, okay haha!

I wouldn’t be able to think of anything that I haven’t already said about it. 

Sorrrry :( :(

But if you have any other idea I could do them !


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